Kyle E. C. Booth

Research Interests: Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research, Quantum Computing, Planning and Scheduling

Research Scientist
Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • 05/22: I received my AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification; looking forward to doing more combinatorial optimization in the cloud!
  • 04/22: I started a new role as Research Scientist at Amazon Web Services (AWS) within the Quantum Solutions Lab
  • 12/21: Abstract "M4OPT: The Multi-Mission Multi-Messenger Observation Planning Toolkit" accepted to AAS239; in collaboration with NASA Goddard and others
  • 10/21: Workshop on Constraint Solving and Quantum Computing (QCP2021) was held on Oct. 25th; talks available here.
  • 08/21: Journal article accepted to Quantum: "Quantum-accelerated constraint programming"
  • 07/21: I am organizing the QCP2021 Workshop on Constraint Solving and Quantum Computing at CP2021 this year. Abstract submissions due September 15th!
  • 03/21: Preprint posted to arXiv: "Quantum-accelerated constraint programming"
  • 03/21: Abstract accepted to APS2021 for oral presentation: "Quantum computing for constraint programming"
  • 09/20: Abstract accepted to IWQC20 for oral presentation: "Exact and heuristic approaches for qubit routing on QCCD trapped-ion quantum computers" (video)
  • 07/20: Journal article accepted to IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters: "Target search on road networks with range-constrained UAVs and ground-based mobile recharging vehicles" (work to be presented at IROS2020)
  • 07/20: Paper accepted to CP2020: "Quantum-accelerated global constraint filtering"